My Contributions in GNOME

This post includes details of all the contribution I made during Outreachy contribution period.

Worked on GObject properties with GByteArray type

I am working on GObject properties with GByteArray type. I have handled a special case when the gtype is GByteArray. That is, the GValue gvalue expects a boxed type, and more specifically a GByteArray and JS::HandleValue value is indeed a Uint8Array. The test case corresponding to which exists in TestGIMarsalling.js

Worked on Gio.ListStore.insert_sorted’s compare_func

I am working on “Gio.ListStore.insert_sorted’s compare_func which not handled correctly” in gjs.
First, I have created a test case that was failing due to the given error,
then I tried to understand why it’s broken. Gio.ListStore.insert_sorted() is actually calling the C function g_list_store_insert_sorted() through introspection, and the callback parameter that it takes is GCompareDataFunc which has two pointer parameters. However, raw pointers do not exist in JS, so that’s why the callback function is broken.
then I wrote the C function that wraps g_list_store_insert_sorted(). Now I am trying to replace the raw pointers of the GCompareDataFunc, which should have the GObject* pointers

Added correct set of screenshots

I have created a GNOME Builder project using Glade and found that the screenshots attached corresponding to the steps do not match. In this contribution, I have added the correct set of screenshots corresponding to the steps mentioned in the tutorial.

Removed the broken link at page “Creating A User Interface“, “Building a GTK+ Application .

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