About me

Computer Science Egineer

Hi, I’m Veena Nagar, an Computer Science and Engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, INDIA.

Currently, I am working as an Outreachy Intern for May’21 tenure with GNOME community under the mentorship of Philip Chimento on the project “Make GNOME asynchronous!”. The project requires to make some improvements in GObject Introspection to allow other languages to use async/await-style programming with GNOME asynchronous operations. 

Last summer, I completed my internship at Fidelity Investments where I have designed a data handler service.

  • Developed a set of REST based micro services to handle Pre-processing and post-processing of Batch services. These data handler services can initiate data loading and cleanup process when invoked.
  • Developed an asynchronous status-check API to check the status of both load-data and clean-up processes.
  • Implemented data processing by PL-SQL stored procedures.

In my college, I was holding the position of class representative of CSE (2021 Batch). My experience as the Vice President, Senior Secretary and Junior Secretary of DAKSHANA FOUNDATION helped me interact with diverse student groups and taught me to manage a national level exam and the allotment of all volunteers for the same.
I am a regional level table-tennis player, love to visit different places and to taste their cuisines. In my free time, I like to watch movies and TV series!

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