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Here I talk about my Outreachy internship experience with GNOME.

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Modifying Expectations

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog post. This post will tell you about my mid-point progress and something related to the project expectations, “actual vs. expected.” I am currently working on “Making GNOME Asynchronous!”. If you’re interested in reading more about my project, kindly read this blog post where I explained what my project is all about.Continue reading “Modifying Expectations”

My Project at GNOME

Hello everyone! This week’s blog will be focusing on the GNOME organization. “How can you contribute to GNOME”, “How can we make GNOME asynchronous?” or let’s start with the basic one “What is GNOME ?”. What is GNOME? GNOME is a free and open-source desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems. I find the workflow of GNOME very intuitive. It is smartContinue reading “My Project at GNOME”


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